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Hannah is known as "The Queen of Eyebrows" throughout the beauty industry. Her innate ability to know within seconds, which brow shape and color will best suit her clients, has earned her this title.

She has designed and shaped thousands of brows over the years, including well known celebrities. They know that the perfect "Arch" is a must. Your brows should frame your eyes and add expression to your face. Her expertise in design and color will make you look more youthful, rested or as if you had a brow lift. "They are the most important feature on your face and when people look into your eyes they are looking into your soul, they define you!" a quote from Hannah.

Permanent eyebrow color gives you such a natural look that not even your closest friends will know your eyebrows are permanently enhanced, unless you reveal your secret. She will create your perfect shape and color by blending shades to give you the natural appearance we all want. She works with your skin tone, hair, and eye color to achieve this. She is after all, "The Queen of Eyebrows".

Permanent eyebrows give you the appearance of eyebrow pencil or powder without looking over done. Your brows will look fuller and more attractive, without the concern of washing off when showering, swimming or any other kind of activity. Just think of the time you will save by not having to shape and color your brows.

This is wonderful for women with Alopecia, have had chemotherapy, or any other kind of hair loss. Permanent brows not only give you back your confidence, but they look natural and are known to stimulate hair growth, truly amazing!


Wake up every morning looking beautiful and refreshed! Permanent liner delicately colors and accentuates the natural contour of your eyes and lashes. A soft natural look accentuates lashes with the application of pigments throughout the lash line. This is the most popular procedure used to enhance the lash bed. Shadowing of color can be added for a softer look, as well as defining the eye liner.

lip liner/color

Permanent lip liner gives your lips a fuller more enticing look. This procedure helps prevent lipstick from bleeding and can enhance the size and shape of the lips as well as the color. It can correct asymmetry and add definition. The color is individually blended. Using a soft color pallet is popular for those wanting a natural look. A more dramatic look can be achieved for those clients who desire more color.

It is advised that if you have ever had fever blisters, you speak to your physician regarding a prescription for Zovirax or Valtrex. This medication is helpful when it is taken 24 hours prior to your procedure to help prevent any reactions.


This is a process where color is matched to specific skin tones and applied over scar tissue to match the surrounding skin. The end result is that the scar appears less noticeable, and in some cases actually seems to disappear, especially effective in plastic surgery scars or face lift scars. This camouflage technique is used in permanent make-up to correct skin color defects, by stippling in a skin tone to cover and blend over scar tissue. It is also used to correct faded or incorrect pigment colors.

beauty marks

Create your own personal look. Beauty marks and freckles can be added to enhance any feature a client desires. This is a unique technique developed by Hannah, to keep the color fresh and natural.



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